Upcoming events


September 2017


International Conference 7.-8. September

Indigenous Photography Studies: Current Developments and Challenges

Venue: The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. Organized by the Project.


June 2016

Workshop: Sami Visual Culture seen from within. 15.06 – 16.06. 2016. Venue: Sámi allaskuvla – Sámi University of Applied Sciences, Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino). Organized by the Project.


March 2016

Participation at Photomedia 2016 Photographic Agencies and Materialities. The third international photography research Conference in Helsinki 30.03.16 – 01.04.16. Program

  • Sigrid Lien & Hilde Wallem Nielssen: “Sáminess seen from Berlin: The Photographic Archive of Museum Europäischer Kulturen”

October 2015:

International Workshop Post-colonial and Indigenous Photography Studies – Current Developments and Challenges. 14.10-15.10.2015. Venue: The Norwegian University Centre in Paris. Organized by the project. Program

Paper in the series Actualités at INHA (Det nasjonale franske kunsthistoriske institutt), Paris

  • Sigrid Lien: ““Time journeys”: Encountering photographs of Sámi peoples/ «Des Lapons” in French Collections”

June 2015:

Presentation of paper (Vitenskapsteoretisk innlegg)

  • Kjellaug Isaksen, «Urfolksperspektivet i en samisk kunstforståelse» (Indigenous perspectives in a Sami understanding of art), Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen, 01.06.2015

May 2015:

Participation at Nordik 2015 The 11th Triannual Nordik Committee for Art History Conference, 13.05.15 – 16.05.15 in Reykjavik

  • Sigrid Lien: “Sámi pasts – industrial presence: Spatial and poetic negotiations of history in Bente Geving’s work Down Under Up North”


Participation at the Annual Meeting of The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies, Columbus, Ohio 7-9 May 2015 Program



From the visit to Newark Earthworks of Ohio

Marti L. Chaatsmith, Associate Director of The Newark Earthworks Center, The Ohio State University at Newark 




Dec. 2014:

Participation at the 3rd International Conference of Photography and Theory (Nicosia, Cyprus, 5-7 Dec 14).














October 2014:

Kjellaug Isaksen: participation at start seminar for new Ph.D. students, University of Bergen,24. October.

International Workshop Photography, History and Indigenous peoples, Solstrand Hotel, 7-9. October. Organized by the project.


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September 2014:

Participation with papers at the international conference Arctic Modernities, University of Tromsø, Norway, 16 – 18 September: Program Hilde og jeg Troms


  • – Sigrid Lien: Images of Differentiation? Sámi People as Seen through the Works of Marcus Selmer

– Hilde Nielssen: Negotiating history: Sámi Grass-Root Bloggers’ Use of Historical Photographs

– Kjellaug Isaksen: Photography in Sámi Contemporary Art • Visit at the Photography Archive, Tromsø University    Museum.








August 2014 • Visit to Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Berlin